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About Us


Founded 2016 in India (Mumbai) with Extensive experience, a wide network and competitive prices make BLUEFISH Media Services your partner for content production and distribution, including everything that comes with it.

Mobile Media Company

 Bluefish is specializes in premium content
marketplaces which have best Music Festival and other digital content for Users & its a growing company.

Value Added SERVICES

Our Mobile Value Added Services is distributed through various platforms such as Subscription Model (WAP, SMS & USSD). Our platform is integrated with the major telecom operators and other entities across the value chain to ensure seamless delivery of services to the end consumer. The services are also available with flexi-pricing and we ensure that they are distributed and promoted using multiple channels.

      Bluefishub diversified its offerings to provide Digital Marketing with the expertise of its valuable team.

We Offer The Following Services

 Digital marketing, unlike more traditional modes of marketing, use digital technologies branched out of the Internet, such as mobile apps, display advertising, social media advertising, or any other digital medium. Digital marketing channels create and transmit product value from producer to consumer end.